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Royal Island Golf Club


    Royal Island Golf Club put its spirit and value in the island heritage. The heart of the Golf Course lies in the romance with the surrounding river. As the Chairman Mr. Chiou said “the voice of the river speaks to the heart.” On a daily basis, Royal Island Golf Club embraces the idyllic river that together welcomes the guests and members coming to play the deluxe sport: GOLF.


    During a round of golf in Royal Island, the golfers get amused by the light of fun, the breeze and the fresh smell of the river. These natural ingredients please the heart, spirit and talent of the players who choose to golf in Royal Island. They receive the absolute pleasure to sightsee and golf as well.


    Exact Details about Royal Island Golf Club


    The golf course is about 32km away from Ho Chi Minh City. It has 10 industrial parks around. The geographical advantages of the Royal Island attract many foreign companies and golfers. The island was isolated from the city and formed by the Dong Nai River from thousands of years ago. Nowadays, it stands out as the placid place that is absolutely good for living in the green environment. The champion Golf Course has been opened since December 2012. Its design is relied on both challenge and fun of play.


    Royal Island Golf & Villas project is a foreign direct investment (FDI) project. It is made by the Nan Phong International Co., Ltd. Taiwan and HCP Group in China. The Royal Island Golf Club owned the Taiwan Nan Phong Golf Club and China SanYang Golf Club, HuaiAn Golf Club. The golf project is reported to be US$41 million Project on a 215 hectares of green island Property. It is about the development and construction of the Champion golf course and villas.


    About the golf course, its 18-hole design gives the golfers the needy challenges to play with fun and joy during a round of golf. The Course Layout covers the blue tee total of 6656 yards now. Besides, the course has the advantage of river visions. While golfing, you can feast the eyes with the picturesque view of the river that can even touch your soul and heart. Pleasantly, most of the golfers find it happy to bring their favorite spot to this high-standard and advantageous golf course.


    In the area of Golf Course, you should always expect to meet the ancient tree that is measured to be 7 hundred years old. The tree lives inside the course that makes up the friendly environment that pleases the golf fanciers.


    After all, the highlights of the 18-hole Royal Island Golf Club are about the convenient access (32km away from Ho Chi Minh City), natural landscapes (the idyllic river and the age-old tree), excellent golf services of clubs, and the reasonable golf fee! The beautiful island has the strengths of fresh air and green environment that are suitable to host the international golf tournament as well as the training base. Without a doubt, your golf trip to the golf course of 18 holes like Royal Island Golf Club will be done smoothly and funnily. You get lots of special golfing memories to share.


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