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Hanoi Golf - The Historical and New Courses for Fantastic Package

Hanoi Golf – The Historical and New Courses for Fantastic Package


    Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is recognizable for historical atmosphere reflected in various long-lasting houses, narrow alleys, and ancient shops. The capital even has a new golf wind to attract visitors worldwide. If being fond of Hanoi Golf, just don’t be reluctant to pick up the favorite Hanoi Golf Courses out there, and experience the fantastic sport-based journey to the captivating land.


    The Outstanding Courses for Golf in Hanoi


    It’s counted that there are twelve golf courses in Hanoi to support your interest in Golf Hanoi all seasons. Historically speaking, the first golf venues in this capital include King’s Island Golf Resort (from 1993), Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club (from 2003), Phoenix Golf Resort (from 2006), Van Tri Golf Club (from 2007), and Tam Dao Golf Resort (from 2007). The long-standing golf tracks have their own strengths of tentative services and firm reputation to call for the domestic and international players. It is why they remain appealing and has the solid position on the map of Golf in Hanoi.

    Legend Hill Golf resort


    Together with the initial establishments, it’s worth pointing out the excellent constructions of the modern courses. Make sure you get to know Ruby Tree Golf Resort (from 2008), Dai Lai Star Golf & Country Club (from 2010), Heron Lake Golf Course & Resort (from 2010), Song Gia Golf Resort & Country Club (from 2011), Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club (from 2012), Long Bien Golf Course (from 2014), and Legend Hill Golf Resort (from 2015). Without a doubt, the capital of Vietnam has a rich resource of the high-quality golf courses and facilities to guarantee that every player feels happy when they use the club to hit the hard, little ball into the wishful holes. More and more excellent putts are created there.


    Due to your preferences, take it easy to sort out those of the most favorite destinations for golf. For somebody that appreciate the long history, firm fame, and authentic Vietnamese golf style, the good recommendation should be 36-hole King’s Island Golf Resort. For the leading Hanoi Golf Club, you might want to visit Long Bien Golf Course where becomes admirable for the footlights system and clubhouse. And if you love golfing in a marvelous setting, enjoy the game in Phoenix Golf Resort, for instance.


    Fantastic Hanoi Golf Package


    Hanoi Golf Tours are being operated to suit players’ passion all over the world. Though Hanoi is thousands of years old, the local golf tourism is not as old as that. It’s likely to find that golf packages in Hanoi include both the old tracks and the new establishments. Such combination provides the players with the actual feeling for Hanoi Golf, from the traditional site in 1993 to the modern venue in 2015. Not to mention the differences in technology, design, layout, facilities, etc., each golf course in Hanoi has the unique color to make your golf trip memorable.


    After hours of playing in the spacious and beautiful grassland, you can further expect the quick city tour around the age-old capital. For your reference, the must-see in Hanoi includes Hanoi Old Quarter, Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, Hoan Kiem Lake, and more. With the certain tee time defined in the logical itineraries, you know how much time spent in sightseeing and exploring just outside the courses.


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