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Heron Lake Golf & Resort – Play Golf In Scenic Nature


    Heron Lake Golf & Resort in Vinh Phuc Province (also called Dam Vac Golf Course) is famous for the luxurious, peaceful, and quiet atmosphere. The outdoor clubhouse suits the taste of the prestigious characters. With the beautifully poetic view, Dam Vac always welcomes visitors all year round. The course has the harmonious blend of nature and modernity of golf sport.


    Heron Lake Golf Course & Resort


    What is special to know about Heron Lake Golf & Resort?


    Most of the golfers coming to this site appreciate the special settings of the pristine nature. Dam Vac Golf Course seems to protect its ecosystem and wildlife resources regardless of the test of time. The course is the masterpiece of Pacific Coast Design (Australia) based on what the land has. The natural traits of Dam Vac land are well incorporated into the course. It makes use of the water in almost every hole, together with the wide bunkers around the green.


    The layout of Heron Lake Golf & Resort creates appealing challenges for the interesting golf experience in the scenic landscape. Whether or not you are seasoned, you will find it inspiring to use the club to hit the hard ball into the desired holes spreading out a wide grassy land. The course is only around 50km away from Hanoi, and quite close to Noi Bai International Airport. When coming there, the caddies will welcome you with the heartfelt smiles, and they will carefully prepare everything for your round.


    In an area of 90 hectares, the Paspalum grass (imported from Australia) makes your golf experience easy yet appealing. Each time you use the club to hit the ball either from the fairway or the high grass area, you don’t need to use much effort. There appear some bunkers covered by the green as well as the water traps threatening any player that hits the ball in the wrong direction.


    As already noted, the caddie is very polite and professional. It’s sure that they will support you anytime and anywhere by helping you to select the appropriate club to hit the ball in a safe way. To deal with the water traps next to the holes, it’s advisable to listen to the caddie’s advice. After the golfing moments, you can enjoy meals in the modern clubhouse in Dam Vac Lake or walk around the area to witness the well-protected natural environment.


    Travel to Heron Lake & Golf Resort


    Not quite far from Hanoi, Dam Vac Golf Course is easily accessible in any day of the week and any time of the day. The course brings the true relaxing moments when you step away the bustling city life and enter the new world of golf. This destination is ideal for the golfers of all levels, and most of the experts believe that the new visitors will come back there in the next time they go to this spectacular golf spot.


    Besides golfing, Dam Vac is also attractive with the activities of tennis, fishing, swimming, boating, etc. Just think of the short walking trip in the narrow road along the poetic Dam Vac Lake in the romantic afternoon! Or enjoy the delicious meals served by the world’s leading chefs that work in the 5-star clubhouse or appreciate the relaxing moments you play in the 18-hole golf course before the night comes.


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