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Keep Vietnam Tee Time Booking In Your Mind

Keep Vietnam Tee Time Booking In Your Mind


    For a fruitful Vietnam golf holiday, oversea golfers are often advised to book their favorite tee time with reliable golf courses in advance. By booking a tee time, you make a reservation at the preferred golf course to start your own round at the most convenient time. So, are you ready to book a Vietnam golf tee time? Before you do, there are some tips for you to book a tee time in Vietnam Golf Courses to keep in mind.




    Tip #1:
    Vietnam owns dozens of trustworthy golf courses. Some are dedicated to delight the local golfers while the others pay focus on the international guests. For instance, the newly built Ba Na Hills Golf Club meets the world-class standard and does offer tee time booking online. Some other remarkable courses in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Vung Tau, Halong, Hai Phong etc., also support this convenient service online. Alternatively, you can call the favorite courses directly to make a precise reservation several days in advance.


    Tip #2:
    The golf course operators in Vietnam clearly know the core purposes of a tee time booking; so, they process your booking with respect. By accepting your booking, they confirm that you can begin your round at the scheduled time. If your tee time is 10:00 AM, then at 10:00 AM, you (or someone of your group) can hit the first tee shot of your round. That helps keep a smooth flow of players on the course.


    Tip #3:
    Once you have booked your tee time, please come on time. You can reach the golf courses in Vietnam by the local taxi – the best channel to be on time. If the courses are busy, and you are late, it’s afraid that you lose the chance to start your round at the preferred time. In some cases, the hotel transportation is an excellent option if the budget can afford the expensive fee. Besides, some superb golf courses offer shuttle service and you need to ask for it while booking the tee time.


    Tip #4:
    Make a direct phone call to the preferred golf course to make sure that it is not put under maintenance! Some golf courses still accept the online tee time booking even when the greens are being maintained. And sometimes, they don’t post the information about the ongoing maintenance online. Thus, it’s prudent to phone and speak to the golf course operator directly ahead of time to check for the ready condition. By this way, you can avoid feeling disappointed or bewildered when you arrive in the course based on the tee time, but the green is not ready to serve. Just to be sure that you have a perfect golf round.


    Tip #5:
    For handling all of the critical steps about Vietnam tee time booking, the safest channel is to ask the Vietnam Golf Tour Agent to do it for you. Booking Vietnam Golf Tour through the reliable travel agent guarantees you to golf in the leading courses, and everything is handled in advance. As a result, all things to do are using your clubs and hit the ball into the wanted hole smoothly. Of course, you can choose to plan your own golf vacation and self-book the tee time in Vietnam. The agents just make things easier for you. Whichever channel you decide to golf in Vietnam, please have fun during your golf rounds in the Vietnam’s best golf courses.


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