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Tan Son Nhat Golf Course In Ho Chi Minh City


    Ho Chi Minh City (formerly called Saigon) has long been famous for the world-class standards that satisfy the tourists and golfers worldwide. To better serve the newcomers’ needs regarding sports and entertainment, the excellent city attraction has been built, namely Tan Son Nhat Golf Course. The presence of this golf course makes the city outstanding on the map of Vietnam golf tourism today. The players now can easily visit this golfing space as it’s near the Tan Son Nhat Airport, just about 4km away from the heart of Saigon.


    tan son nhat golf course


    Tan Son Nhat Golf Course: An Overview


    This golf attraction includes the area of 132 ha, with 111ha for the 36-hole golf course, 14.7ha for the lake, 3ha for the golf club, and 2.6ha for driving range. The design of 36 holes offers the needful challenge and inspiration to the golf players in the world. Besides, the green scenes ease the golfers’ eyes and minds during the playing hours.


    Based on the statements made by Tan Binh District authorities, the project of Tan Son Nhat Golf Course also includes the 7 ha for hotels and restaurants, 3 ha for school, 9.7 ha for villas and apartments which are only for leases (not for sales), and 7.8 ha for road. The Defence Ministry is in charge of managing the 820ha of Tan Son Nhat Airport area that covers these necessary facilities for the comfortable lifestyle.


    About the investment in this big project, the number was said to be USD$300 million, according to Tran Van Tinh, deputy chairperson of Long Bien Investment JSC. Commenced in 2006, the project was approved by the Vietnamese government a year later. The core target of building this expensive attraction is to exploit beneficially the plot of soil in the city that has remained uninhabited for a period.


    tan son nhat golf course


    What Should Players Expect From Tan Son Nhat Golf Course?


    The services of accommodation and entertainment are greatly supported in Tan Son Nhat Golf Course. There are 54 villas, 1,000 apartments and one 5-star hotel in this attraction. Also, the to-be-built schools aim to serve the city residents. In fact, you can expect the superior convenience and pleasure here via the first-class apartment (for lease), golf clubhouse, restaurant, hotel, conference room, and school.


    Particularly, the golfers are inspired to play in the natural settings dotted with the wonderful view of lake landscape and exquisite grass. The greenery of the site looks perfect at the top and horizontal dimension. The highlights of Ho Chi Minh City Golf Course are world-class and luxurious enough to satisfy even the most fastidious players.


    Surrounding Tan Son Nhat Airport in Tan Binh District, Tan Son Nhat Golf Course is calling for the golf hobbyists and experts who are dying for a good spot to fulfill the golfing interest. Once landing in the city, you can easily reach the golf course within minutes. The 156-ha attraction is divided into two parts between the N1 Road. People appreciate the course since it does possess the stunning nature and magnificent manmade buildings. Indeed, the quick access and full competence of the city golf course are incomparable. You are golfing in the center of the most bustling city in Vietnam, not in the pristine sites. How amazing it is!


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