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Tan Son Nhat Golf Course


    Tan Son Nhat Golf Course is said to meet the needs of sports, entertainment, and luxury resorts of the city residents as well as the international visitors. The construction of Tan Son Nhat Golf Course makes Ho Chi Minh City the attractive destination in the new millennium. Besides, it helps create the aesthetic part of the country in the effective manner.


    Exact Details about Tan Son Nhat Golf Course


    The Tan Son Nhat Golf Course covers more than 132ha, including 111ha for a 36-hole golf course, a 14.7ha lake, a 3ha golf club, and a 2.6ha golf driving range. The Golf Course is about 4km away from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. The 36-hole design appeals to the golf fanciers who are eager to overcome almost any golfing challenge.


    Tan Binh District authorities state the project also includes hotels and restaurants covering nearly 7ha, 3ha for schools, 9.7ha for villas and apartments for lease, and 7.8ha for roads. All of these facilities are located within the 820ha Tan Son Nhat Airport area that is managed by the Defence Ministry.


    According to Tran Van Tinh, deputy chairman of Long Bien Investment JSC, developer of the Tan Son Nhat Golf Course Project, the project of Tan Son Nhat Golf Course was initiated in 2006 and got the approval from the Government a year later. Tinh told the Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper that there was $300 million investment in this Golf Course. The purpose is to effectively exploit the plot of land in the important location that has been left unoccupied for several years.


    To better serve the golfer, the Golf Course is dedicated to supporting many needy services, including accommodation and entertainment services. The whole area includes 54 villas, 1,000 apartments and a five-star hotel. All is for lease, not for sale. Schools to be built in the area will admit both the tenants of the project and the residents in the surrounding locations.


    Tan Son Nhat Golf Course is fully equipped with various facilities and services to please the newcomers. We list out some outstanding utilities including first-class apartments for lease, clubhouse, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, health club, kindergarten, primary school, international high school, etc. What’s more, the natural scenes of the scenic lake view, brilliant green grass, and trees are incomparable. These are ranked as the highlights of the remarkable golf course.


    In sum, it is noted that Tan Son Nhat Golf Couse is settled in Tan Binh District, is just about 4km from the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. It also borders the Tan Son Nhat Airport. The players can conveniently reach the golf course in minutes.


    Long Bien Investment JSC did do the good job in building such the 36-hole golf course with the whole area of 156 hectares. The 36 golf holes are spilt into the two sets that are separated by the N1 road. While the 9-hole area borders Go Vap District, the 27-hole zone is towards the Tan Son Nhat Airport.


    The advantages of the nature and manmade high-standard living help the Tan Son Nhat Golf Couse have an edge over other competitors in terms of the easy access, scenic lake views, and world-class rest. The course is worth receiving many excellent comments.


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    • Tan Son Nhat Golf Course
    • Tan Son Nhat Golf Course
    • Tan Son Nhat Golf Course

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  • Tan Son Nhat Golf Course
  • Tan Son Nhat Golf Course
  • Tan Son Nhat Golf Course

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