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Tour to Da Lat and Play Golf at Top Three Courses

Tour to Da Lat and Play Golf at Top Three Courses

    Dalat City is charming and attractive all year round. People have been cherishing this city and named it as beautiful as it is, namely “the City of Flowers,” “City of Love,” “City of Eternal Spring,” and “Le Petit Paris.” If you’re about to tour to Dalat and play golf in Dalat, you get the big thumbs-up!


    Dalat City


    Famous Tourist Attractions in Dalat to See


    Dalat is a provincial capital city of Lam Dong Province, which is about 310 km from Saigon. The major highlights in this destination cover lush pine forest, peaceful lake, majestic waterfall, and colorful garden. Besides, local historical sites are significant and attractive. One big advantage is the cool weather which is ideal for various kinds of flowers and vegetables. Dalat today owns interesting home-stay services, panoramic resorts uphill, scenic coffee shops, and high-end golf courses.


    The most famous tourist attractions in Dalat are:


    • Xuan Huong Lake: In the city center, this Lake wins the reputation for peaceful charm, freshness, and scenic coffee shops around. You should try drinking coffee and sightseeing from Thuy Ta Coffee Bar. For couples, cycling the couple-bike around this Lake is enjoyable.
    • Domain de Marie Church: Constructed in 1930 – 1943 on Mai Anh Hill, this Church appeared in the ancient Western style. Nowadays, this religious monument attracts people via magnificent architecture and story of Mrs. Suzanne Humbert (wife of Mr. Decoux – the Indochina Governor at that time). A special thing about this site is the orphanages’ charity products for sales.
    • Truc Lam Pagoda: Erected in 1993 – 1994 on the Phoenix Mountain, this religious attraction is the icon to see in the city. Visitors should dress politely when they enter the Church for worshipping or contemplating. While the pagoda is impressive, the view is captivating.
    • Dalanta Waterfall: About 6km from the city center, this waterfall is fairylike, transparent, and spectacular. The 20m-high fairy stream cheers up every eye and inspires them to feel refreshed much.
    • Lang Biang (Lam Vien Highland): About 11km from the city center, the highland of 2.169m above the sea level attracts all climbers and trekkers to reach the top in which the view is panoramic and marvelous.


    Dalat Food to Eat


    To make your belly happy and full, look for the carts of following dishes:


    • Vietnamese sandwich with meatball
    • Grilled pork roll
    • Grilled rice paper
    • Steamed rice cake with chicken’s internal organs
    • Dalat Pho
    • Plain gruel with braised frogs in the clay pot


    Three Top Dalat Golf Courses to Play


    • The Dalat At 1200 is the stadium championship golf course, with 18 holes and spectacular scenery. This site is ideal for both amateurs and pros. Designed by Kyi Hla Han, the Burmese famous designer and Executive Chairman of Asian Tour, the course is proud of its layout and game conditions. It appears outstandingly as the 2.100-acre lakeside estate, with the practice area, clubhouse, pine forest, valley, lake, and private lodgings.
    • Sam Tuyen Lam Golf Club is the breathtaking course bordered by hills and valleys. Also, it is Tuyen Lam Lake that enhances the natural charm of the high-end course to perfection. Created by Mr. Robert Bicknell (the celebrated U.S. designer), this complex looks fantastic from every detail. After hours of practicing on the well-designed zones, you can rest at the European-style clubhouse, sauna room, villa, or poetic Lake.
    • Dalat Palace Golf Club is the long-standing sports haven constructed in 1956, during Bao Dai King time. Considered as “the cradle of Da Lat Golf,” this course owns stunning landscapes and standard conditions for playing amidst beautiful sights. Together with the scenic hills, pine forests, and lake, the facilities, greens, and caddie services, etc., in this address are praiseworthy.


    Be nimble-footed to start Dalat Golf Tours and savor it to the fullest!


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