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Vietnam Golf And What You Must Know


    Vietnam Golf today has established the specific reputation with the world-class Golf Courses and the excellent hospitality services. If you’re holding the big concern about the golfing situation in this attractive S-shaped country, the following post will help figure out the answers to the four significant queries.


    Some Statistics about the Golfing Scene in Vietnam


    It can be said that the Golf Courses in Vietnam now are 10 times higher than the average level in the world. There exist many on-going projects that occupy the space that used to be the cropland or the living environment of the residents. Therefore, the Vietnam Government realizes that it’s necessary to manage or even stop some of the massive golf course projects throughout the country. There will be 90 Golf Courses approved by the Government until 2020.


    In fact, the golfing scene in Vietnam is quite controversial with lots of inadequate issues. The majority of the golf projects is fraudulent and counterfeit. According to the governmental representatives, 80% of the area of the golf course trespass the cropland and 2/3 of the projects are employed to build the villas. Arguably, these counterfeit projects work for the real estate business. If detected, these fake projects will be stopped, and the lands will be recuperated.


    With the last two years since the issue of the Building Permits for the National Golf Courses, the number of golf project explodes 3 or 4 times higher than the rustic past. Besides, most of the projects are permitted to have the exceeding areas that take over the cropland or space for tourism, sport, etc. There are several strong attempts to keep the precise projects and cancel the wrong ones.


    How Many Golf Course Have Opened In Vietnam In The Last 10 Years?


    At present, there are 37 golf courses working in Vietnam, including 17 courses in the North, 3 courses in the Central, and 18 courses in the South. In addition to these specific figures, the number of the golf projects will go up due to the increasing offshore investment in this luxurious sport, resulting in the more standard courses to serve the tourists.


    North: Tam Dao Golf Resort, Kings Island Golf Club, Hanoi Golf Club, Skylake Golf Club, Chi Linh Star Golf Club, Dailai Star Golf Club, Heron Lake Golf Course Resort, Van Tri Golf Club, Phoenix Golf Club, Long Bien Golf Course, Legend Hill Golf Resort. Royal Golf Club, Doson Seaside Golf Resort, Huyndai Song Gia Golf Resort, Mong Cai International Golf Club, Cua Lo Golf Resort,


    Central: Danang Golf Club, Montgomerie Links Vietnam, Laguna Lang Co Golf Resort.


    South: Long Thanh Golf Resort, Vietnam Golf Country Club, Song Be Golf Resort, Twin Doves Golf Club, Dong Nai Golf Resort, Taekwang Jeongsan Golf Club, Tan Son Nhat Golf Course, Royal Island Golf Club, Leman Golf Club & Residences (CT Sphinx Golf Resort), Paradise Vung Tau Golf Resort, the Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, Dalat Palace Golf Club, Sacom Tuyen Lam Golf Resort, Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang, Diamond Bay Golf Resort, Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc, Sea Links Golf & Country Club


    In addition to these specific figures, the number of the golf projects will go up due to the increasing offshore investment in this luxurious sport.


    How Many Golfing Tourists Come To Vietnam Each Year?


    The number of the golfers in Vietnam today is about 15,000, and the majority of them is the foreigner. Since Vietnam is one of the greatest golfing destinations in the world, it has been attracting more and more golfing tourists.


    How Much Is The Golfing Industry In Vietnam Worth?


    The Golf Packages are said to bring Vietnam the annual revenue of USD$200 – USD$300 million. In reality, the golfing space in the series of resorts, hotels, villas, and entertainment centers helps boost their reputation and status greatly. The tourism sites serving this luxurious sport can attract more guests, believably.


    However, it’s worth pointing out that NOT all of the Golf Courses bring the expected revenue to the investors. For instance, Sacom Tuyen Lam Golf Course had the total investment of 686 billion VND in 2014, but the revenue from selling the golf membership cards in that year was only 1 billion VND. Therefore, the investment in golf is not simple at all.


    According to the golf research, if the 18-hole Phan Thiet Golf Course wanted to reclaim the investment, there would be at least 30,000 players per year at least, in average. And for the profit of 10%, the number would be 33,000 player per year, but it’s quite hard to achieve such target. Hence, some of the golfing sites in Vietnam have been closed, regulated, or replaced.


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